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Custom Design Jewellery

Here at Aspire Jewellery we offer a full service of custom design and manufacturing service. We as a team can help make your desired jewellery piece. Whether you have just a concept in your mind, a picture on your phone or need some professional help getting started. We can bring the design to reality.

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We design all kinds of jewellery pieces including engagement and weddings rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and other jewellery. Our highly experienced team can work with you to plan and produce that perfect individual piece, custom made just for you.


It begins with a design consultation so we can get a better understanding of your style and preferences. We may have the perfect style for you in our design library or we may begin fresh and create something completely original. We can start to prepare a hand-drawn sketch with all aspects of the design that we have discussed, so that you can visualise a final vision. We can offer you with a free quote and the opportunity to hand-pick diamonds and gemstones of your approval.

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CAD (Computer Aided Design) Option

Here at Aspire Jewellery we have the fantastic option of having a CAD (computer aided design) made for your design. We understand that is can be difficult having to visualise your design with a sketch. We can help improve communications with your design through using the CAD program, the CAD design can aid when envisioning the final product, through a digital image of all different angles of the jewellery piece.

We have an extensive network of diamonds and coloured gemstone producers in Australia and overseas, so we source as wholesalers to give you the best quality and price that there is to offer.

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Custom Made Jewellery

Sit down with one of our friendly jewellers and put your ideas down on paper

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