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Sapphire Dreams Amelia Ring

SKU: sdrrdntyt001
Sale price$1,450.00

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One of our most classic styles, for an engagement ring or daily pop of colour, Amelia features a round cut Australian Sapphire, crafted in 9ct Yellow, White or Rose Gold.

Item Specifications
9ct Yellow Gold = 1.98gm
Teal Sapphire Round Brilliant Cut 1 = 0.91ct
Sapphire Dreams Certificate No. 02103

Every Sapphire Dreams Jewellery piece will come with a Sapphire Dreams certificate card stating the specifications seen above as well as a disclaimer that all sapphires are Australian and are ethically sourced.

Sapphire Information

More details about our unique and ethically and sustainably sourced Australian Sapphire

Australian Teal Sapphire

Sapphires are gemstones of the corundum mineral variety. They get their colour primarily due to certain metals or impurities within the mineral. Made up of aluminium and oxygen, elements such as iron and titanium are responsible for their colour. Australian sapphires frequently have a high iron content, which often makes them a dark blue shade, however there is a range of brighter and more pale blues which are slightly more rare and unique. Yellows, greens, and parti coloured stones that show a combination of colour like green and yellow, or blue and yellow.

Health benefits of the Blue Sapphire: Overall healing powers, eliminating toxins and purifying energies in the organs. Helps to soothe insomnia, healing eye infections, relieving headaches, fevers and nosebleeds. Aids in issues of the ears as well as blood disorders.

Health benefits of the Green Sapphire: Soothing to the eyes, calming to the glands, treating blood disorders, strengthens the veins and their elasticity. Stimulates the heart chakra.

Spiritual strength: Combining the calming powers of Blue Sapphires with the renewing energy of Green Sapphires, Teal sapphires emphasise the open channels of communication with the clarity of thought. A strong way to bridge two souls.

Sapphire Dreams Amelia Ring
Sapphire Dreams Amelia Ring Sale price$1,450.00


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